COVID-19 has Adversely Affected Small Businesses

Global Pandamic

The World Health Organization has declared COVID-19 as a global pandemic and it is still unknown when the whole world will recover the detrimental and fatal effects of this virus. Since the first week of February, the internet has been raided with questions and answers on Coronavirus, what social distancing is, what curfews are and how the businesses are bearing the brunt of COVID-19. As this situation may continue for a while now, all authorities are recommending people to stay at home.

While there are companies that are operating remotely, there are many others that can’t. All sorts of small business organizations would be affected negatively as the consumers are going out less and taking resort to online alternatives. If you’re a clever and wise entrepreneur, you’ll act quickly enough and reap the benefits of this turnaround. It is only this way that you can brace yourself for the COVID-19 repercussions.

How to plan and update accounts in accordance with the situation

Unless you’re abreast of the way in which the markets are changing, this could have a bad impact on your paid social media and paid search. As there is a lot of misinformation doing the rounds, here are few steps that you should take.


If you wish to retain the relationship that you share with your customers, you have to consistently communicate with them. Marketers will try establishing trust with present customers and the potential customers via email marketing and direct information through the web. In cases where few activities require being postponed, companies should take into account their good will and realize that a rescheduling or a refund be initiated for the convenience of the customer. You can also update your business description and hours in Google My Business profile.

Since COVID-19 has been declared as global pandemic, there’s a lot that has occurred as both direct and indirect impacts of this disease. As everyone is advised to wash their hands, there was suddenly a global crisis of handwash and sanitizers. Even cleaning wipes and bleaching products also became unavailable and out of stock. As more and more businesses start applying work-from-home policies, there will also be a lot of change in the work culture.

Many of these changes can get tough for the entrepreneurs but the best step that the marketers can make is to foresee things and keep comforting their customers by delivering them concise and accurate messages. In case you belong to the travel and tourism industry, things are changing rapidly due to the lockdown period. Most countries have banned traveling to other countries, especially the high-risk ones. This is why the interest in cheap flights has boosted by 90% since the past 30 days.

Unfortunately, COVID-19 has had its influence on the welfare and health of people all over the world and safety should be our biggest priority.

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